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Client web portal - New design - The entire client portal has been completely reworked and replaced with one whose enhanced design meets modern standards and requirements.

Vendor web portal - QA check - A form for a QA check of jobs has been added, where a vendor can give a vendor’s work feedback.

Vendor web portal - Chat - The opportunity for vendors and agency’s PM to chat between themselves has been added in the project detail. Vendors can write messages among themselves as well as to agency’s PM, and agency’s PM can write to vendors, too. Every time a new message is saved, an e-mail alerts PM and vendors of it. Several chats can happen in a single project and various vendors have access to various chats based on their assigned rights.


Purchase order list - A vendor can now download a purchase order from the purchase order list and save it as a PDF file.

Purchase order list - A vendor can now accept or reject a purchase order in the purchase order list. A notification email is sent to the project manager to inform them about acceptance/rejection.

Quote list - A client can now download a quote from the quote list and save it as a PDF file.

A new enquiry - A list of specific requirements defined in the client requirements code list can now be added in a new enquiry form; a client can select, e.g., specific requirements for document layout, etc., by checking a box.


Taxes - The vendor can assign multiple taxes to his profile. It is useful for countries such as Spain, for example, where the vendor’s invoice can contain multiple taxes at the same time. If a tax is not available in the list of global taxes in the vendor`s detail, he/she can add his own tax to the system.


Invoices - The vendor can create invoices on the web portal and download them as a PDF file.


Quote - The client can accept/reject a quote via the web portal and project managers will get an email notification about it.


Extended address - The address has been expanded by two new fields (Street 2, P.O. Box).


Enquiry - vendor - Enquiries are now split into 2 independent lists. One with public enquiries and the second with private enquiries.

Enquiry - client - The client can create an enquiry (including file upload) through the web portal that will automatically generate a quote in QuaHill, and the project manager will be notified about it by email (the client gets a confirmation email, too). The enquiry form can be part of the web portal for clients but it can also be integrated into the agency website and even anonymous clients that do not have login to the web portal can create an enquiry. The enquiry layout can be customized so it matches the layout of the agency's website.


Client enquiries - Clients now have the option to create enquiries either through the web portal for clients after logging in or from the agency website as an anonymous client.


Enquiries - Vendors have the option to respond to enquiries published by the agency. The vendor can create a response that is sent to the enquiry project manager. When the status of a response to an enquiry is changed by the agency PM (for example, to accepted or declined), the vendor gets a notification email about the new status.


Project files - Vendors have the option to download all project files assigned to them as one zip archive.

Vendor files - Vendors have the option to upload an unlimited number of their personal files (CVs, contracts), assign their type and add a comment to each file.

Kateřina Mlejnková, CEO,

czeXpress international, s.r.o., Czech Republic

We have worked together with DEVdivision Software for more than 8 years and we also used the previous generation of the QuaHill translation management system. With the new generation of the system, we have been impressed by its compatibility with CAT tools, especially analysis import and subsequent automatic generation of purchase orders. Together with other features of QuaHill, this has significantly accelerated our work flow and made our project management processes more effective. With regard to the availability of customer support and long-term experience with DEVdivision Software's flexible approach, it was very easy to make the decision and go for it…


1.2.2019 - New edition of QuaHill Enterprise launched! Details can be found here here..


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