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There are three options on how to aquire QuaHill Enterprise :


I. Rent

Rent the QuaHill translation management system is a great way for smaller or starting agencies with their own server (if you do not have your own server QuaHill Cloud is better solution for you) to gain their own information system without the need to make a large initial investment.

Another group include freelancers who occasionally cooperate with other translators and do not need certain functionalities, such as web portals. In this case, it is possible to run the system on the client's laptop.

- The rent price covers all updates released by us during the rent period.

- System is installed on your PC. We do not have an access to your data.

- The minimum rent period is 3 months.

- The rent price when paying for 3 months is 40 Euro a month for one user.

- The rent price when paying for 12 months is 30 Euro a month for one user.

- In case of rent for 3 months, a fee of 50 Euro will be charged for the initial system installation.

- In case of rent for 12 months from the beginning, this installation fee will not be charged.

In case of interest, or if you have any questions, please contact us at

II. QuaHill Cloud

Within this offer, we provide our clients with the option of our application service together with a server hosting solution. You will get the QuaHill information system as well as a MS Windows Server 2012R2 licence and user access licences.

This option is suitable for customers who do not want to deal with a running a server; server management is our responsibility and the client can enjoy using our QuaHill information system, running on the server.

In the event you choose this option, you require an internet connection. The system is accessible from wherever you go - you only need the internet; this allows you to work both in the office and at home. This option is also convenient for agencies whose users do not work from one location but often from different cities or states.

It is similar to working with a web-based system where the system is available all over the world, while retaining the advantages of a desktop application.

Here you can watch a video showing the real-life work of a project manager.

You can also try out this option using a server demo test. Find out more here.

All updates/upgrades are included.

The minimum invoicing period is 3 months.

For the initial installation, an SSL certificate with the validity period of 1 year for 40 EUR has to be bought for the server. It is a one-off payment to facilitate the operation of the server.

When using QuaHill Cloud, it is not possible to use direct communication with MS Outlook or SDL Trados Studio. To enable such communication, Outlook (or Trados) has to be installed at our server.



Price per month*


1 user license


60 EUR


2 user licenses


100 EUR


3 user licenses


135 EUR


4 user licenses


165 EUR


5 user licenses


200 EUR


More than 5 user licenses


individual prices


* Prices are different based on location of datacenter where QuaHill is hosted.

In case of interest, or if you have any questions, please contact us at

III. Purchase

Purchasing the system is suitable for agencies with four or more users for whom the option of hosting is not cost-effective anymore and, from the long-term perspective, purchasing the system is more convenient.

Listed prices are final and it is the only payment (It is not a monthly payment).

Initial installation by our technician is for free.





1 user license


1 489 EUR


2 user licenses


1 678 EUR


3 user licenses


2 103 EUR


4 user licenses


2 706 EUR


5 user licenses


3 278 EUR


6 user licenses


3 800 EUR


7 user licenses


4 268 EUR


8 user licenses


4 701 EUR


9 user licenses


5 076 EUR


10 user licenses


5 434 EUR


11 user licenses


5 847 EUR


12 user licenses


6 201 EUR


13 user licenses


6 525 EUR


14 user licenses


6 821 EUR


15 user licenses


7 087 EUR


16 user licenses


7 323 EUR


17 user licenses


7 530 EUR


18 user licenses


7 707 EUR


19 user licenses


7 854 EUR


20 user licenses


7 973 EUR


More than 20 user licenses


individual prices


IV. QuaHill Web Manager

QuaHill Web Manager licence subscriptions can also be rent for web access to the system. The price is 25 euros per user per month (for a one-year subscription), or 30 euros per user per month (for a three-month subscription). QuaHill Web Manager access licenses cannot be rent without valid QuaHill Enteprise license (details here).

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

We are also ready to prepare a customized offer for you.

Please don`t hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

Andrey Andreyev, CEO,

PONIMATEL Translation Company, Russia

For a translation company with a large turnover choosing a right CRM/ERP system for registering jobs, accounting, reporting and so on is a life-and-death issue. That is why we analyzed many industry specific tools and finally decided to use QuaHill: a reasonable price, easy-to-use, wide functionality, lots of settings many of which may be customized to the specific requirements of the admin and/or user, handy statistics, all data (incl. files) of our clients, vendors, payments, etc. can be stored in one single program(!). Using this tool within a year we also enjoyed excellent communication and very responsive support, flexible approach of developers who fulfilled our wishes adding special functions and adjusting things for comfortable work of our staff. After one year passed we are still happy and will continue using QuaHill.


09.09.2020 - New edition of QuaHill Enterprise launched! Details can be found here here..


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