User management

(not available in Basic/Premium edition)

QuaHill provides extensive options for user management. Within code lists, you can define various roles determining access rights to individual parts of the system. Each user can be assigned a role defining which parts he/she can access or not. If a user is not entitled with the right to access statistics, edit print templates or business activities, etc., he/she will not be able to access the data at all.

You can assign rights to particular project statuses; e.g. a person not entitled to invoiced projects will not have access to them.

QuaHill allows you to set up several departments and assign users rights to access the departments. If a user is not entitled with the right to access a department, he/she cannot access the data of the department at all.

Each user can use different settings of lists. The order, width and visibility of columns can be changed at the user's discretion.

In each user's details, you can set conditions to calculate the salary. Here you can define a sales manager's incentives for performed phone calls, meetings, etc.

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All values in code lists are in four languages. Can a user choose which language will be displayed in the system?

Certainly. Each user can define the setting for what localization should be displayed for code list values.

Can departments share the client and the vendor databases?

Yes. If a client or a vendor is not assigned to a particular department, it is available for all departments.

Is it possible to prevent a user from viewing certain clients while allowing him/her to manage their projects?

Yes, it is possible. If the agency management wishes to make selected clients' details not accessible to some users, you can add a client type, such as "Confidential", to a client's code list; then you simply do not assign a user the right to access this type of client. The project manager will subsequently not have access to details of the client and will not be able to view e.g. project margin and profit.


Juranas Vilnius, Business Development Director,

Metropolio Vertimai UAB, Lithuania

We are proud to be the first Lithuanian agency to start working with QuaHill translation management system and have to admit that this system has fully proved to be a great choice for us. With its wide variety of customizable options and features that would satisfy most of the users, QuaHill system has definitely lifted our agency to a higher level of performance. We would also like to thank DEVdivision Software for the great service and quick responsiveness that they have shown during our cooperation.


DEVdivision Software
Czech Republic


01.02.2021 - New edition of QuaHill Enterprise launched! Details can be found here here..


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