Vendor web access

(not available in Basic/Premium edition)

QuaHill allows clients and vendors to access the system using a web interface.

Vendors can register in the system or update their profile in the system.

Vendors can manage their project using their user account on the agency's web portal. They can download and, upon completion, upload files.

A vendor can record the scope of work finished within a project through the web portal. Project managers can see how much work remains to be completed by the vendor, which is reflected when looking for free capacity of vendors.

A vendor can export a list of jobs he/she managed for the agency. Data are exported in an MS Excel file.

A vendor can create replies to the agency's enquiries on the web portal.

Client web access

(not available in Basic/Premium edition)

Clients can edit their company's details using the web portal (if they are assigned the rights to do so), download translated files, assess the quality of projects delivered by the agency and assess the overall quality of performance using the questionnaire.

You can define a questionnaire about general client satisfaction with the agency's performance in the system; the client can fill in the questionnaire on the web portal, thus providing feedback to the agency.

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Can vendors create invoices?

Yes, they can. A vendor can create an invoice for jobs they have worked on. They can download the invoice as a PDF file afterwards.

Can vendors accept or refuse a purchase order at the web portal?

Yes, they can. A vendor can accept/refuse a purchase order and download it as a PDF file. A project manager is notified by e-mail.

Can clients see quotes at the website?

Yes, they can. A client can see a quote list the agency has created at the website, they can download the quotes as a PDF file and they can either accept or refuse them. A project manager is notified by e-mail.

Can a client create enquiries via the Client's Portal?

Yes. A client can create enquiries and view a list of quotes received for a particular enquiry in the Client's Portal. Agency staff are informed about a new enquiry using an email.

Can an enquiry be created by a client who is not registered in the system yet?

Yes, they can. The system allows the integration of an enquiry form to be used by anonymous clients in the existing agency's website.

If a vendor uploads a file in a project, is the respective project manager notified of it?

Yes. As soon as a translated file is uploaded in a project, the project manager receives an email notification that a file was uploaded in the project.

Is it possible to prevent a vendor from editing his/her price list and changing agreed prices?

Yes, it is possible. You can pre-set the system so that a vendor can fill in his/her service price list upon initial registration but not be allowed to carry out any editing afterwards. However, if you want a vendor to be allowed to edit it, it is possible to set this as well.

Is a vendor automatically informed of the status of his/her reply to an enquiry?

Yes. The system can be set up so that a vendor receives an email notification about a change in the status of a reply to an enquiry.

Can a client monitor statuses of their projects through the web portal?

Yes. Clients can see the actual status of jobs on the portal.

If a client is a larger company consisting of more departments, can they - upon logging in - see their own projects or projects of the whole company?

It depends on whether the client is assigned the right to access the data of the whole company. If he/she possesses the right, he/she can view the data of the whole company. If he/she does not possess the right, he/she can view only his/her own data.

A project has many files. Is it possible for a vendor to download them as one archive file?

Yes. If a vendor is supposed to handle a larger number of files and reference material, they do not have to be downloaded one by one but can be downloaded in a archive file generated by the system.


Juranas Vilnius, Business Development Director,

Metropolio Vertimai UAB, Lithuania

We are proud to be the first Lithuanian agency to start working with QuaHill translation management system and have to admit that this system has fully proved to be a great choice for us. With its wide variety of customizable options and features that would satisfy most of the users, QuaHill system has definitely lifted our agency to a higher level of performance. We would also like to thank DEVdivision Software for the great service and quick responsiveness that they have shown during our cooperation.


1.2.2019 - New edition of QuaHill Enterprise launched! Details can be found here here..


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