What is QuaHill and how can it make life easier for you?

  • QuaHill is a comprehensive business management system designed for the translation industry
  • The first generation was launched in 2008
  • It assists translation agencies (Enterprise Edition)
  • It assists one-person agencies (Premium Edition)
  • It assists translators (Basic Edition)
  • It is able to receive enquiries from clients (integrated web form, BeLazy)
  • It communicates with CAT tools (Phase, Trados + others)
  • It communicates with Outlook
  • It communicates with accounting systems
  • It keeps track of job deadlines
  • It keeps track of invoice due dates
  • It allows vendors to access the system (projects, files, invoicing)
  • It allows clients to access the system (enquiries, quotes, projects, feedback)
  • Statistics help you to monitor how your company is doing
  • High automation increases productivity

Why choose us?


QuaHill is built on state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies and its web portals are regularly penetration tested.


Do you know how many times in the past 10 years our clients have been unable to work for 60 minutes due to a QuaHill outage? Not once.


We guarantee to respond to client requests within three hours on business days. And within eight hours at weekends.


We have the capacity to react very quickly to custom requests from our clients. If you need to customise QuaHill in any way, we can deliver within a few days at most.


The system includes everything you need: client enquiries, full project management, including vendor access to the system, invoicing, and quality assessment.


QuaHill prices start at €99 per year for the Basic edition. The Premium edition starts at €199 per year, the Enterprise edition at €30 per month. Can you think of any other software that offers so much for so little?

How can we help you?

Project management

The system has been designed to manage the complete project life cycle very quickly and efficiently by incorporating a high degree of automation:

  • Receipt of client enquiry
  • CAT tool analysis
  • Preparation of quote and dispatch to client
  • Generation of project from quote
  • Search for vendors to provide translation, proofreading, revision and, for example, DTP
  • Creation of workflow and distribution of jobs to suppliers
  • Quality control
  • Handover of project to client
  • Quality feedback
  • Invoicing

It doesn’t really matter if you skip or add a step in your project processing. We’re flexible. We won’t force you to fall in line with how we think you should be working. Instead, we have created a tool that is designed to adapt to you. Are there certain features you won’t be using? That’s no problem at all. QuaHill doesn’t force you to use anything you don’t need.

Agency management

Naturally, we are well aware that business is not just about processing projects and that the management needs to keep track of the agency’s performance from an analytical standpoint. QuaHill caters to this by including reporting and statistics on factors such as:

  • Turnover/margins
  • Project manager productivity
  • Top clients
  • Best vendors
  • Dips and rises in project volumes
  • … and much more

Sales management

The system also features a CRM module, allowing salespeople to record their activities (meetings, emails, phone calls) and plan their future sales efforts.

What makes us unique?

What makes QuaHill unique is that, from an implementation angle, it is a hybrid solution. QuaHill Enterprise users have access to both web and desktop applications, and project managers get to decide which end they want to work with. If they’re sitting in an office, a desktop app might be preferable for reasons of efficiency and speed of work (for example, direct interaction with Outlook or SDL Trados). If they’re working from home or on the road, that’s when QuaHill Web Manager comes into its own. In both cases, the working principle is the same. This makes switching between QuaHill Web Manager and QuaHill Client very easy, and alternating from one to the other on any given day doesn’t throw up any problems. QuaHill doesn’t tie you down. The aim is to simplify and streamline your work. And it starts at just €99 a year...

Which version will work best for you?

QuaHill Enterprise

Answer the following questions: do I need several project managers to be able to work in the system at once? Do I need a vendor portal so that vendors can work on jobs and generate invoices? Do I need vendors to be able to respond to enquiries? Do I want vendors to draw up invoices themselves so that I don’t have to enter these records myself? Do I need project managers to have remote access to the system? If your answer to any of these questions was in the affirmative, you need QuaHill more

QuaHill Premium

Do you manage projects yourself, but work on them with other vendors, or do you outsource them fully to your vendors? Do your vendors issue you with invoices? Do you need to respond to client enquiries, so you could use some quotes? Would you say you don’t need your vendors to have access to the system via a web portal? Then QuaHill Premium will be the right choice for more

QuaHill Basic

QuaHill Basic is designed for anyone who works alone and is looking for a simple, inexpensive yet flexible, robust and time-tested system for managing projects, clients and more