Vendor management

(not available in Basic edition)

This is used to keep track of vendors - translators. The system enables vendors to register and update their entry data. This can also be done by project managers. The system focuses strongly on quality so each vendor can be assessed according to several criteria which can be subsequently used for searching.

Each vendor has his/her own price list where prices of service provision are defined. It also contains a rating of the quality of language combinations he/she provides. This is one of the criterion used to search for a vendor.

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Can a vendor have his/her own price list?

Certainly. Each vendor can have multiple price lists. A vendor can update prices on his/her own using the web interface or they can be updated by users on the agency's part.

How do vendor specialisations work? Is it possible to search according to them?

Specializations can be defined in code lists and for each vendor the area of his/her specialization or excellence can be selected. You can search and sort vendors according to specializations/areas.

Can a vendor access project files using QuaHill?

Yes. Using the web interface, a vendor can download files for which he/she is assigned access rights. The files can be uploaded once they are translated.

According to which criteria can we search for vendors?

You can search according to almost any item recorded for a vendor, i.e. languages, services, quality, price, specialization, native language, etc. You can search for a vendor directly from a project according to his/her actual capacity, how many projects he/she is working on within a period, and according to their volume, whether a vacation is indicated in the calendar, etc.

Can you mark unreliable vendors so that they are not offered in search results?

Yes, it is possible. Each vendor can be classified in a category which can be assigned a tag meaning it should not be used in searches.

If I do not wish a sales manager to see a list of vendors, can I do so?

Yes. A Sales Manager cannot be assigned the right to work with vendors and cannot have access to projects. A Sales Manager can process quotes and generate a project from a successful quote to hand it over to a Project Manager.

Is it possible to filter out sworn translators?

Yes, of course. You can add a "Sworn translation" service to the service code list. This can subsequently be used in a vendor's price list and used in searches the same way as with any other service.

Is it possible to export a vendor list?

Yes. If a user is entitled with the respective right, he/she can export the vendor list to an MS Excel file.


Stephen Weir BSc, Director,

Stealth Translations Ltd, Northern Ireland

Having evaluated different solutions for our order management system over a period of 18 months, we identified Quahill as the system with the best value for money. Stealth Translations are very happy with their choice as the system does exactly what we need it to do and more. David has also been extremely helpful with installation, troubleshooting and very flexible in terms of considering various improvements/adjustments to the system which we feel would improve efficiency.


DEVdivision Software
Czech Republic


10.10.2022 - New edition of QuaHill Enterprise launched! Details can be found here..


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